Marvel's Wolverine: according to Microsoft it will be released in 2023

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The recent question that Sony led to the British CMA led two of the biggest video game companies to collide. It seems in fact that Microsoft has finally decided to respond to "enemy fire" by pointing out to the British body how the controversies of the Japanese multinational regarding the acquisition of Activision do more good for them than for consumers. According to the Redmond company, in fact, there would be many exclusives that Sony has ready for PlayStation 5 and, among these, there should also be the new Wolverine from Insomniac.

Wolverine does not yet have an official release date but, according to Microsoft, the game will be ready for release on 2023 along with various other first party titles. With Wolverine, the US multinational mentions in fact Marvel's Spider-Man 2, Final Fantasy XVI and Forspoken, probably ready for the year ahead. In an attempt to defend itself, Microsoft gives us some interesting information which, however, we cannot take for granted; to say of Insomniac in fact, Wolverine will come out only after Spider-Man 2 and the wait will therefore be certainly still long.

The information we currently have on Wolverine therefore there are not many yet. It seems it will be a full size game, a triple A with more mature tones than the Spider-Man published by the same company. Regardless of the misunderstandings between the large multinationals, 2023 seems to have all the prerequisites to be a great year for video game lovers.

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