Marvel Snap celebrates Game Awards win with in-game rewards

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I 2022 Game Awards they recently concluded by rewarding the most deserving games of the year in various categories. The award for best mobile game fell to marvel snap, trading card game developed by Second Dinner per Android, iOS e Microsoft Windows. The game had positive reviews right away and its victory in the category it belongs to was quite predictable.

A few days before the award ceremony for Second Dinner, the time has finally come to celebrate together with the fans of his game and that's why it was decided to do it by giving away themed prizes to all lovers of the themed card game The Marvel movies. From today it will be possible to receive ben from the news section of the game 1000 tokens to improve their cards and a mystery variant.
However, the awards didn't end there. It seems that in the coming of the new year Second Dinner is also willing to give away a dorsal it's a motto theme Game of the Year. Simple and fast-paced card game, Marvel Snap has immediately won the hearts of all fans of Marvel superheroes and the GOTY it is definitely more than deserved. We just have to wait for next month to see what other news awaits us.

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