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I card games: how many have we tried, taken and then left? Lots! Without a doubt that of collectible cards, which has become a real digital craze in recent years, is a market that drives players all over the world crazy: it is no coincidence that the former public face of Hearthstone, Ben Brode, he decided to leave the American company Blizzard to focus on his special project, and today we know that this is MARVEL SNAP, which we are going to present to you in this dedicated preview, it being understood that the game is still in beta and that everything we see could be a "daydream" and turn into an endless nightmare or reveal itself for what it is, or a game in the making that has ample room for improvement.


MARVEL SNAP is a game meant for mobile devices, mostly smartphone: this can be seen from all its main functions that place the player in front of a main hub with vertical control. Open the game, at the top of the screen we will find the settings, i Credits we have (soon we will see what they are), avatar interchangeable of our account, their (other game currency), news, the level reached of Season Pass (55 levels are available), the level of ours Collection (fundamental and soon you will understand why) and finally the key Missions which shows us the daily or weekly missions we can accomplish to get Credits.

In the center of the main screen dominates an image of our heroes that scrolls to the left and shows us the Season Mission that we have active, and sometimes one of the playgrounds that will appear more often than others. At the bottom we find other keys, certainly the central key with writing stands out in pink PLAY, and on the left of the latter we find the deck we have active and the relative switch, while on the right the level of the ranking we have reached (we start from Recruit and then get to Agent, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Vibranium, Omega, Galactic ed Infinite, as we write you know that we have reached the Platinum level ed). At the bottom of the screen, starting from the left, there is the Shop of the game, our collection of cards, the Main button that takes you wherever you are on the main hub, the button Season Pass to see the progress and the rewards that await us, while the final button repeats in large the News section of the game.

You will be called to compose a twelve-card deck, each of which represents a hero of the MARVEL world, from Doctor Strange to Iron Man, even to characters who are not yet never appeared in the cinematic universe. Once in the game they will be placed three central areas, each of which will turn out turn by turn (up to the third of course), and in each zone they will be created specific situations, for example the K'un-Lun area reads "gives +2 attack to cards that Move in this area" and here, by exploiting the power of some specific cards that can literally move between areas (such as The Vision or Nightcrawler) you will get the feature bonus.

You will receive one mana for each game turn e the game will still end at the end of the sixth round, which is why the game lends itself perfectly to the reference platform as it is designed for quick games. Each card, with its spectacular images rich in three-dimensional details, has a number in the upper left that represents the mana cost, while in the upper right we find the attack value of the card: the player who, adding the points of no more wins, wins. of four cards per zone, gets the highest score in that area, and obviously having in front 3 zone, at least two of these are expected to win.

In addition to glory, there are the Tesseract Cubes which will determine your ranking level; in the course of the game we say that the "bet" is based on a cube which can however be increased by means of SNAP system! That is by clicking on the Cube double the number of cubes will be wagered in question: each player can "snap" at any time (no more than twice each) and here is that the number of cubes in play ranges from a minimum of 1 up to a maximum of 8 for a single match.

Collection and Shop

As we previewed, obtaining cards in MARVEL SNAP is a particular process, also linked to luck itself: using i blue credits that are found in the game through the missions (or that can be purchased through the shop), we can make an aesthetic upgrade of the cards we already own: with each improvement the card will become not only more beautiful - enriching with elements such as colored border and three-dimensional effects on the image - but it will also give us a Collection value which, progressing from time to time, will make us unlock awards which can be Booster (scores that are needed for each card to be leveled in addition to Credits), other credits e Real cards.

The method in which you get the cards in MARVEL SNAP that is a completely random process, in the sense that you may immediately get a card you want, such as a Carnage, or have to wait until the game rewards you. There are no packages to discard in this game. Is possible to buy the Season Pass for € 9,99 which will entitle you to a special card every month from now, which this month was Wave, a hero of the marine world of Atlantis. Plus there are specific rewards for each level you get: rewards like gold, skin alternative e portraits for the account as well as a few small amounts of Credits; there is also one special version of the Season Pass which costs € 14,99 and that will entitle you to greater rewards.

in shop we find alternative skins of our favorites that change from day to day and that can be obtained through purchase with real money, the Gold we mentioned above, and which you will need to always convert it through Shop into Credits which in turn will allow you to level the paper. There are seven levels of card rarity - here's what they do and how they are achieved in terms of resources.

Rarity Border color Effect Boosters Required Credits Required
Common Grey
Uncommon Green the image comes out of the edges 5 25
Rare Blue The paper gets a 3D effect 10 100
Epica Viola The card gets an animation 20 200
Legendary Orange The card logo begins to glow 30 300
Incredibly Brilliant Red The edge of the card gets an animation 40 400
Infinity Brilliant Blue Donate another copy of Brilliant in the Background 50 500

Ark reactor loading

For the moment the game is only available in the Philippines, released only for Android system (but we know that at global launch it will also be available for iOS) and in beta version. There is only one game mode and the cards you will get (if you manage to grab a beta) will remain there even in view of the global launch. The room for improvement is immense, not only from the point of view of the gameplay which, however solid, could improve from the point of view of the increase of the cards in the deck, up to the increase in the number of cards that can be inserted in an area ( because more aggressive decks struggle against more "control" decks that are perhaps slower but can rely on cards with a higher single value than the average).

There are already several card abilities such as "Ongoing", Or an active effect permanently as long as the card remains on the battlefield, or"On RevealWhich is activated only on the turn in which the card is turned face up for the first time; then there are Discard, Move, Destroy they do exactly what they say, without too many frills. The important thing, and the core of the sentence, is that we may see other skills implemented in the future. For now, the game is a great alternative in the global card game landscape.

Our MARVEL SNAP preview ends with a gallery of gameplay images captured directly from us.


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