Marvel’s Midnight Suns: data d’uscita e trailer al Summer Game Fest

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There was also room for Marvel's Midnight Suns during the Summer Game Fest, a turn-based strategic game that got to be talked about, and which in fact was the protagonist of a video trailer that confirms the debut with a release date set for 7 October.

Marvel's Midnight Suns was long overdue, considering that there is talk of a further study on the experience now announced some time back by the developer Firaxis Games, which saw its success after the saga of XCOM, and has improved their potential in the field of strategy and then try their hand in this experience themed Marvel.

It will be a game that with turn-based mechanics that will allow you to impersonate the characters of the Marvel world with fights to the death, and with the possibility of exploiting the potential and skills of each with the various statistics in order to be able to win. every game from time to time.

After the postponement of the release date, of which we had the opportunity to deepen the details time back in the course of our dedicated article, which you find at this link, we can only expect a noteworthy and quality experience, which should have the opportunity to be appreciated by the fans.

Obviously, all that remains is to find out what the actual potential of the experience will be, with players who as you know will also have the opportunity to create their own superhero choosing from a total of over 40 powers, and consequently making your games unique compared to others thanks to customization. For sure, the title will be appreciated by all fans of the Marvel world, considering the roster of characters that will take the field in order to make the new experience unique.

Before leaving you, waiting for the debut of the new game, we take the opportunity to refer you to our preview of Marvel's Midnight Suns, which you can access through this link.

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