Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Insomniac rimpiazza Harry Osborn

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Actor changes in the cinema are quite frequent: many of you will remember how in the films of Marvel Studios the actor he played war machine in the first Iron Man movie was Terrence Howard, although he never had the opportunity to "put on the armour" and was later replaced by Don cheadle. Now Insomniac kicks off and changes the actor who played Harry Osborn (Scott Porter) choosing someone else for Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

The exclusivity Sony is eagerly awaited by all players on PlayStation consoles and as we know, given the recent partnership with the PC counterpart, the game is likely to end up on the Steam shelf sooner or later just as, years after its debut, the first.

I voiced Harry Osborn in the first Marvel's Spider-Man, unfortunately I won't be in the sequel: the company has decided to lean towards a photo-realistic game and the obvious age difference between me and Harry's makes my presence impossible. When they communicated this to me I was disappointed but I understand that. It will be an amazing game.

Commented Scott Porter; as we know, in the game the face of Harry Osborn has never actually seen and the players have only had a relationship with the voice actor, while in the second game it seems the role of the son of the Green Goblin will be more central in the course of events.

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