Mass Effect 4: mysterious character in the teaser, who is it?

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The protagonist of the new game Mass Effect, called on the web Mass Effect 4, may have potentially been revealed.

In fact, fans keep sifting through every single pixel of the game's recent teaser, which on the surface is irrelevant enough, but needless to say, it's all filled with hidden details.

An example? Increasing the exposure of the teaser, there appears to be a reflection of an N7 suit resembling something the commander would wear Shepard, which had already been rumored.

If he was the only one to have worn the suit, all would confirm the return, however it could also not be the case: possibly it is a completely new character with this armor.

It could be Ryder, who despite never joining N7, still has access to weapons and armor. Having said that, it is clear that everything was done this way on purpose.

Thanks to the YouTuber MrHulthen you can observe these details first hand:

Unfortunately, for now, this is all we know and, of course, BioWare he has no intention of commenting on these speculations. However, various roads appear to lead to Shepard, so he will likely play a role.

We have to take everything with a grain of salt, it is not known whether Shepard is in the reflection or not, but there is certainly someone there and, without a shadow of a doubt, it is the protagonist.

Source: YouTube
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