Max Payne: announced the next-gen remake of the first two chapters

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A few minutes ago Remedy Entertainment officially announced that it was working on the remakes of the first two Max Payne chapters for PS5, Series X / S and PC. In agreement with Rockstar Games. The games will be developed with the help of Northlight Engine, the same graphics engine as Control and Quantum Break.

This announcement is as unexpected as it is welcome, given that the Max Payne series has always met with great success and old fans were clamoring for an operation of this type, given that the third and final chapter was released in the now distant 2012. Unfortunately, however, at present we have no further information, but we are sure that more details will come out soon. For the moment you can enjoy the official artwork that you find just below.

We reiterate that the news is official, seen and considered that the announcement was made directly on the Remedy Entertainment website, but currently unfortunately it has crashed (perhaps due to too many accesses by fans). Unfortunately, at present we have no further information, but if you want to pass the wait we advise you to take a look at the remake created by a fan, find the reference news at the following link.

Furthermore, Remedy Entertainment itself has declared that it wants to make a sequel to both Max Payne and LA Noire, also in this case you can find more details in our dedicated article.

Unfortunately, the information related to the new announcement of the remakes of Max Payne ends here, for those unfamiliar with the work just know that it is a third-person shooter. The series takes its name from its homonymous protagonist, and has particularly spread to the general public thanks to its renowned spectacularity. We can't see some of the most iconic sequences of the first two chapters in a more modern way, we are sure that the old fans will already be rubbing their hands.

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