Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake, a mysterious teaser anticipates il reveal?

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For some time now the rumors about a possible remake di Metal Gear Solid 3 have become more and more insistent, so much so that today a mysterious video was published, which may have even anticipated the official announcement. According to what was leaked on the net, a video was published, immediately shared on Twitter and Reddit, by Virtuos Games subsidiary of Konami since 2018, which is rumored to be at the center of the transposition of the third chapter of Metal Gear.

As reported in the various re-sharing the video was shown by mistake on the official YouTube channel of the Chinese software house, and finally it should formalize the long-awaited work that is taking place to bring Metal Gear Solid 3 on the new generation of consoles. In the video, which we shared below, you can admire a forest, very similar to the setting of the third installment of the series, with a morse code at the end. Morse code experts went to great lengths to find the meaning of those sounds that should be: December 8th.

Rumor: Studio Virtuos posted a teaser before it was taken down, containing Morse code for the phrase “December 8, 1964,” the day of The Game Awards.

It is worth noting that there are rumors from reliable sources confirming that Virtuos is working on the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake, and their LinkedIn page proves that they worked on a remake of the AAA action game from 2018

— NV (@naven0m) October 30, 2022

During December 8, 2022, nothing less than will be broadcast i The Game Awards, one of the most awaited shows by all gamers, as well as to see their favorite titles rewarded, but also to attend prestigious presentations. In short, at this point we have numerous rumors still to be confirmed that see the announcement of the remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 very close, plus a video that also seems to anticipate its exact date. We just have to wait and see if Konami just as it did previously with Silent Hill is preparing an important announcement with a myriad of projects related to the franchise, to worthily celebrate 35 years of age.

After sending the network into a tailspin, Quixel said it was a teaser not for Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake, but to announce the new Megascan realese, not a little disappointing the fans. Of course it was a great marketing blow for the company that managed to reach an indefinite number of users!

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