Metal Gear Solid: Oscar Isaac Movie Updates

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Metal Gear Solid is one of the most loved videogame sagas ever and the captivating plots that characterize the games lend themselves well to a cinematographic transposition and, in this regard, a film dedicated to the series is coming. However, it appears that the project is still in an embryonic stage development and it was right Oscar Isaac, future star of the Metal Gear Solid movie, to provide us with new updates.

In a recent interview in the Spanish magazine Hobby Consoles, Oscar Isaac claimed that the making of the film is still in its early stages. In fact, Isaac said: “We're not even in pre-production yet. We are seeing what the story is like and how it will unfold. We will see what will come out ».

The actor, who will play Solid Snake in the future film, he is a huge fan of the series, even if the works are progressing very slowly. There is also little known information regarding the cast, while we know some names that cover prominent roles. There will be directing Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who has directed films such as The Kings of Summer and Kong: Skull Island, while the script will be there Derek Connolly, writer of Jurassik World and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Oscar Isaac is currently busy with Moon Knight, television miniseries The Marvel movies based on the eponymous character e out on Disney + on March 30, 2022. We refer you, therefore, to the words of the producer of Moon Knight about his connection with the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. In addition, Oscar Isaac himself has commented on the future of the miniseries that sees him as the protagonist.

In any case, apart from the interview with Oscar Isaac, there are no new updates on the Metal Gear Solid film and we will have to wait for new official information regarding the film. Therefore, we remind you of the words spoken by director Jordan Vogt-Roberts about his work on Metal Gear Solid.

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