Metal Gear Solid Remake anticipated by a well-known leaker

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According to rumors the remake may be in the works of a title loved by fans, we are talking about Metal Gear Solid. Unfortunately, aside from currently unconfirmed and volatile rumors, nothing more can be added.

To slightly hearten the readers there may be the news that the rumor comes from the Twitter account of AccountNgt, a well-known leaker with rumor about Star Wars Eclipse behind him.

Unfortunately, when asked by a follower if a remake of Metal Gear Solid was in the works, the leaker replies with a sharp and curt "Yes", without adding any details on the matter. We therefore do not know for sure if it is really under construction, who is financing it, or when it is expected to be released.

It is also not possible to know if Hideo Kojima, the creator of the series, is involved and is working on the project.

If we want to fuel these rumors, Metal Gear Solid Remake it may be in development at Bluepoint, a team specialized precisely in remake or remastered. And, considering that Bluepoint is currently under the wing of PlayStation Studios, maybe it could be a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

Always following this reflective thread, it would be possible to deduce an involvement of Hideo Kojima, at least as a consultant, since as far as it is possible to know Hideo despite being in bad relations with Konami, it seems instead to have excellent relations with PlayStation.

Metal Gearl Solid sees its debut in 1998 on PlayStation, born from that extraordinary mind of Hideo Kojima, and presents to the public an innovative action video game mixed with stealth phases. The older ones won't struggle to remember an epic boss fight that featured Solid Snake (the protagonist) pitted against Psycho Mantis.

The game was not only a direct follow-up to Metal Gear (1987) and Metal Gear 2 (1990), it was also a hit and received a 94/100 metacritic rating. The sale of seven million copies also led Konami and Kojima to develop several sequels.

Right on the acclaimed fame of Metal Gear Solid rumors arise that, sooner or later, a remake could be developed.

As much as we ourselves would be happy to learn more and share it with you, we are still stuck with these simple rumors, and we just have to wait for the next few days, perhaps months, waiting for an official confirmation. Or alas, a denial.

Let's also remember that recently, as is logical to expect on April 3st, Metal Gear Solid XNUMX: Snake Eater was at the center of a joke, which, however, also hid the rumors of a real remake of the title in development. You can read our article by clicking on this link.

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