Metroid Prime: the trilogy remastered soon on Nintendo Switch?

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Presumably on Nintendo Switch one of the most beloved trilogies that laid the foundations for the rebirth of the character of Samus Aran, or Metroid Prime, a series that changed the way of conceiving a title of the space samurai.

For the moment we know that in a few months (presumably in December) it will arrive Metroid Prime Remastered and that the plans of the Japanese house are to release the second and third chapter within the next year.

Insider Jeff Grubb thought about dropping this bomb of the Giant Bomb site, which states that the title will presumably come out during this Christmas and that the exit window would be ideal since it would coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the saga.

There are many improvements expected for such a remastered: we talk about the dynamic control of the camera using the double analog stick, something that was not present in previous versions since the Nintendo DS and 3DS did not have the dual analog (yes, the updated version of the 3DS had them but the game did not support this feature). The game could mark a restart point for the saga given that Metroid dread it was nothing more than a title previously planned for the first months of the year 2000, a project then shelved and resumed with the current generation of consoles.

As we know, the game went from two-dimensional mechanics to much-loved first-person 3D, putting the player in the shoes of Samus for the first time: the change of view marked an epochal turning point in the game, then resumed in the continuation of the series on Wii; now that is certain, it is the fact that the fourth chapter of the series is in development and we find it completely normal for Nintendo to exploit the brand although the title was announced more than five years ago and still seems to be in development at Retro Studios but there are no possible launch windows at the moment so realistically la big N points to a revamp of the game and then promotes the fourth.

Source: Giant Bomb
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