Microsoft fires nearly 1000 employees: among them, part of the XBOX team

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Third rouind of layoffs for the American giant Microsoft: since July 2022 the company has begun to reduce the number of its employees who have stormed the social Twitter network to express their ill-content. KC Lemson, former product manager of the group, in a post on the social network mentioned was lapidary asking her followers in an ironic way, according to them who had two thumbs and was licensed by Microsoft today?

KC Lemson she then specified with a mini video that she was directly involved in the dismissal and that, all in all, 2022 turned out to be a "quiet" year, making fun of the whole course of this year that was anything but peaceful for everyone, including her .

Microsoft then clarified the vicneda with a note that reads:

We had a small number of role eliminations today. Like all businesses, we frequently consider our business priorities and make structural changes accordingly. We will proceed to rent jobs in key areas over the next year.

According to the American website Axios, a newspaper that deals with the economic side of companies, the layoffs of nearly 1000 employees around the world (including some members of the XBOX and Edge team) are in line with the slowdown in hiring and the prospect of a winter in economic recession, just think that Facebook is about to let go of about 12000 employees by the end of the fiscal year.

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