Microsoft releases extension support for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft releases extension support for Microsoft Edge

With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced its new browser called Microsoft Edge. Despite its impressive performance, improved html5 support, a new rendering engine and many more, it was missing an important feature called “Extensions“. For those unfamiliar with extensions, these are small software or we call it add-ons that can be installed in the browser for additional functions. How can we install an ad blocker to disable ads and many more. But with Insider Preview, Microsoft is getting a lot better. Although Google Chrome has been offering them for some time. Recent updates to Microsoft Edge have fixed some of the major annoyances and bugs. But now it looks like Microsoft has finally prepared extension support for Microsoft Edge as promised above.

Microsoft releases extension support for Microsoft Edge

If the leaks are true, then we can finally hope to see the first trial version of the extension support for Microsoft Edge in the next 'Redstone' update versions of Windows 10. Initially, Microsoft wanted to release the first preview version of the extension in the end. 2015. But things didn't go smoothly and Microsoft was forced to delay the extensions until the first half of 2016. I hope they don't screw things up this time and deliver the update as intended.

According to the Microsoft Extension Edge page (which has now been removed from microsoft), insiders will be able to see extensions like Microsoft Translator, Reddit Enhancement Suite, and Mouse Gestures in upcoming builds.

According to the page, Microsoft Translator is believed to be able to "translate foreign language pages for more than 50 languages", while the Reddit Enhancement Suite extension is "a set of modules" to enhance the Reddit experience and Mouse Gesture extension will be able to “allow customers to perform basic navigation tasks by right clicking and then gesturing with the mouse”.

The page also describes how to install the extensions. According to this, users need to download the extension, select the ellipsis button (…)> Extensions> Load extension, then they need to choose the extension folder and “select folder”. It is also believed that once developed, users will be able to download them from the Unified Windows Store.

Microsoft's placeholder page also says: “These extensions have been validated by our team and should work with preview version XXX. We will add more extensions as we build our extension platform with your help. "

Now it's only a matter of time before we finally start seeing extension support coming to Microsoft Edge.

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