Minecraft: Blockverse NFTs disappeared along with a million dollars

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New day, new rug pull in NFT (Non Fungible Token) per Minecraft, allegedly perpetrated earlier this week by blockverse. This is an on-chain Ethereum NFT that allows for a P2E (Play-to-Earn) unico su Minecraft.

To learn more about NFTs, what they are and what advantages they give, you can read our in-depth analysis. As for Minecraft, we are talking about a PvP (Player-vs-Player) server with restricted access to those who possessed a relevant token.

Enthusiasm for Blockverse's NFTs was skyrocketing - the initial supply of 10.000 NFTs at the price of 0,05 ETH, equivalent to approx 114 € each reportedly would go sold out in less than 8 minutes. A few days later, however, the creators of the project have deleted their website, Discord server and game server, leading to the disappearance of all money spent by users.

This is a substantial sum of money: the initial sale of the NFT supply reached i 500 ETH, corresponding to approx 1.143.155 € (and over $ 1,2 million). According to NFT Ethics, which keeps track of all offenses related to the blockchain on Twitter, others must also be added to this sum 792 ETH, equivalent to approx 1.810.607 € (i.e. nearly $ 2 million), resulting from secondary sales.

These are sales made by buyers of the original Blockverse 10.000 NFTs, which they sold to other users. Blockverse owners also make money a percentage on each secondary sale. According to OpenSea, sales at this time have reached 794 ETH.

After three days of silence, the founders of Blockverse resurfaced on Twitter, to apologize and motivate their actions. They claimed that everything was done legitimately and that it was fine. According to them, after the launch of NFTs in Minecraft, they continued to work to develop and expand Blockverse.

However, shortly after NFT's first round of sales sold out, the team started receiving gripes regarding “gas fees”, the cost of the service for the generation, purchase and sale of NFTs, according to which the player's skills were too high and inadequate on the Minecraft server. Also, the lack of utility for the game-generated $ DIAMOND tokens was stressed. The creators stated:

Fear, uncertainty and doubt quickly degenerated into harassment and threats. The team noticed everything and panicked, impulse canceling the Discord server. Everything else was closed to prevent the harassment from continuing up to that point. The plan was to reopen everything once things had calmed down.

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