Minecraft rejects NFTs, but a "clone" will embrace the blockchain

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Minecraft also ended up in the crosshairs of NFT vendors. Mojang, however, the development house that launched the famous cube title on the market that has stolen the hearts of millions of players around the world, has closed this possibility, returning the offer to the sender and even banning definitively. all integrations of blockchain and NFT technology within Minecraft.

The platform interested in invading the game developed by Mojang with non-fungible tokens is NFT Worlds, which specializes in collecting within itself all the titles that admit blockchain technology within them. Among these stands out a clone of Minecraft which is in development at NFT Wolrds.

"I will build my own Minecraft, with Black Jack and luxury NFT", would say the robot Bender, protagonist of Futurama, a wonderful animated series born from the brilliant mind of Matt Groening, creator, among other things, of The Simpsons. Indeed, the platform has assured that it will be a game based on the same mechanics and the same graphics that made Minecraft the game it is today.

In addition, of course, blockchain and NFT will be integrated. In short, a "tarot" version of the beloved title developed by Majong but with a hint of non-fungible token which, in this historical period, despite the collapse of cyptocurrencies, are never lacking.

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