My Hero Academia, a game inspired by the manga is coming

Author and references

With the manga about to end and the anime in full swing, this is definitely one of the best times to launch a new video game inspired by the manga designed by Kōei Horikoshi, My Hero Academia. The game, coming to mobile, will see the player fight alongside some of the manga's most prominent characters: Deku, Todoroki e Bakugo.
The three heroes will have the goal to defeat Slidin’Go, manga antagonist supported in this game by a giant robot. Lots of information about the mobile game along with some exclusive artwork can be found on the game's official website A particularly interesting detail is the list of voice actors, in fact there are many names that coincide with those of the anime.

The game will be structured as a sort of Escape Room, a very common dynamic in titles aimed at sponsoring Japanese works. In fact, other famous manga have been transposed into games of this type, in fact there are already the Escape Rooms of works such as "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure","Hunter x Hunter" or "Kenshin-Samurai Vagabondo“. The game seems to be almost ready and it seems that some ideas will be implemented by the end of this month, soon the heroes of the UA Academy will also land on our mobile phones.

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