My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble: announced the new battle royale

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My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble it is reality, and it just seems to be a battle royale. The news comes from the Japanese weekly magazine Weekly Jump, the tie-in title of the famous man will be published, as usual, by Bandai Namco.

At present we have very little information on My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble, but in addition to its battle royale nature we know that it will be distributed in a free-to-play version, with maximum support for up to 24 players. With the occasion the same publisher he had also created the new official website dedicated to the game, but now it seems to have closed it, and even if there is no news for now, those who have managed to navigate inside have seen clearly the arrival of a kind of public test, along the lines of what happened with the new Dragon Ball The Breakers, another multiplayer project also by Bandai Namco and which we talked about in our news.

As things stand, My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble it is provided on all consoles, even those of old gen, as well as on PC. Let's add that the release date or period is still shrouded in mystery, but it seems quite likely that the title will arrive later this year.

However, for now the news ends here, so we are waiting as everyone else for further official news, with the hope that it will prove to be a game that lives up to expectations. The battle royale genre is now more than solid within the market, with titles like Fortnite or COD that have dominated it for several years now. Precisely for this reason, entering a market with such strong and ruthless competition, if you do not have great ideas, would be a really risky move.

Needless to say, however, that the My Hero Academia brand, especially in Japan, is experiencing a success like few others, this combination could prove to be a truly surprising move.

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