Naughty Dog is working on a new triple A, an announcement suggests

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According to an announcement recently posted by Sony PlayStation, the company would now be looking for staff to establish a new development team to work on a triple A title hand in hand with Naught dog e Visual Arts. The news comes from a job announcement, in which it is specified that the project does not yet have a name, but that there is already a "clear vision and exit plan". It is not clear however if it will be a new IP or one already known series.

The announcement specifically concerns the search for a Senior Producer, which reads as follows:

Sony PlayStation is building a new in-house development team, in partnership with PSS Visual Arts, an award-winning production team specializing in animation, motion capture, video, art and scanning.

This high visibility project was developed in collaboration with Naughty Dog, and although it has just been announced, we have a clear view of the project and release plan.

Using our well-known experience and first-rate talents, we will ensure a high visual quality for the game, as well as an engaging experience for our players.

Already from these words it is clear that for sure it is a ambitious project, as it also confirms the hiring requirement for the Senior Producer in the announcement, which requires the personality to have worked on at least two or more published AAA titles, and where at least one of these has served as Senior Producer throughout the development cycle.

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