Need For Speed ​​2022: revealed the date of the reveal

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With an official post on their Twitter channel, Need for Speed announced that the 6 October at 17: 00 (Spanish time) will come new auto title revealed you belong to the homonymous series. With the same twitter a short teaser and the link to the premiere on YouTube were also shared.

In two days, therefore, we will learn about the definitive identity of the new game, which has been increasingly talked about over the last few months (provisionally called Need For Speed ​​2022). The shared teaser seems to suggest something from the style of the logo, and with some sudden color changes that reminiscent of street art.

To find out what awaits us from the new creation of Criterion Games published by Electronic Arts we will have to wait for the date that was communicated to us, and if you want to enjoy the reveal live, just follow it at this link.

The Need For Speed ​​series has lived on in recent years moments of ups and downs, with several changes and upheavals that often have been able to innovate, but at the same time have not been able to surprise the players enough. With the premiere we will have a little taste of the game, hoping to find ourselves in front of something truly definitive.

If you haven't read it, we invite you to read the review of the latest title released so far, Need For Speed ​​Heat, at this link.


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