Netflix opens a new software house led by Chacko Sonny

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Netflix has decided to announce the opening of its fifth studio dedicated to gaming that will be based in southern California. This new software house will be followed by nothing less than Sonny Chacko, executive producer of Blizzard, who decided to leave the company in 2021. When Chacko decided to abandon the fortunes of Blizzard, he sent a message saying that he would like to "take a break".

The hiatus of the former executive producer of Blizzard did not last long, given that the president of the gaming division of Netflix, Mike Verdu, during the event TechCrunch Disrupt, has formalized the start of the new collaboration:

We're starting another new organic studio in Southern California, this time around Chacko Sonny, who oversaw the production of God of War Ascenion for Santa Monica, and then executive produced a small franchise called Overwatch.

Verdu continued, saying:

He could go anywhere, he could raise money, he could do anything and he chose to come here. We are building a team around him and trying to reinvent what games can be. You can't get people like that to come into your organization to build the next big thing in games unless there's a sense that we're in it for the long haul and for the right reasons.

Netflix is ​​focusing very strongly on the world of videogame entertainment, also winning an industry expert of the caliber of Sonny Chacko. The company does not intend to exclusively develop its own IPs, but also wants to extend its catalog with the entry of third-party video games.

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