New confirmation for the Xbox – Activision Blizzard deal

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The attempted takeover by Microsoft di Activision Blizzard it's been going on for a while now but slowly it seems that finally something is starting to move. In dispute with various entities around the world who are trying to prevent the US multinational from monopolizing the videogame market, the company seems to be managing to obtain the approval of some countries very slowly, the latest arrival seems to be the Chile.

At the moment we are still talking about a few countries, supporting Microsoft for now are in fact Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Brazil and the newly added Chile which, with its few inhabitants, unfortunately certainly does not make a big difference. But something is moving and this can only be a good sign for the Redmond company which is playing a 69 billion dollar deal in this lawsuit.

An interesting detail is a recent comment from gem which suggests that many states are close to leaving their response on the matter. The big support that Microsoft would need is that of Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. What can I say, the goal set by the US company still seems far away but certainly not unattainable. While waiting for updates, it's up to us to follow this difficult path undertaken by Microsoft step by step.

Fonte: Windows Central
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