New Marvel game developed by Electronic Arts coming up?

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According to what the insider said Nick Baker during the latest episode of the XboxEra Podcast, it just feels like a new game The Marvel movies is in the pipeline, this time by Electronic Arts. The information would come from an anonymous source of the insider, who has no longer talked about the project and avoided details of any kind because otherwise "it would have been easily deciphered".

As we all know, the Marvel suffix is ​​not always synonymous with success: while we have seen great exploits like Insomniac's Spider-Man, Marvel's Avengers by Square Enix, on the other hand, is still struggling to take off. In reverse, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy he made the fans of the group and the genre spend good hours, albeit distant from the idea of ​​the previously mentioned game.

In short, with marvel snap coming to mobile (have you read our first impressions?), Wolverine shown only with a teaser, Spider-Man 2 preparing to make webweaving fans jump for joy again e midnight suns which will propose an alternative formula, the arrival of a game by Electronic Arts bodes well.

It is not even impossible that this game will remain in the minds of designers: just last month the project named Marvel MMO, developed by Dimensional Ink Games: even IP games such as Star Wars have never had projects, and therefore it would not be strange to find an EA game stuck even before development.

Now we just have to wait: Nick Baker said that he will soon run this rumor for his other contacts, and will try to understand if it is something real or if it is just a rumor, probably not even an idea in the pipeline. It is interesting to think about how Baker stopped saying anything for fear of letting us get to the answer immediately, but also wanting to omit everything can give some interesting ideas: in your opinion which superhero (or supergroup) will be the protagonist of this title?

Fonte: The XboxEra Podcast Via: PlayStation Lifestyle
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