New Nintendo Switch within six months? A leak seems to confirm this

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During the episode of the podcast "Broken Silicon" on August 2, the renowned leaker Moore's Law Is Dead said there is evidence that Nintendo has already finished work on the next Switch console, nicknamed Superswitch, and that this could be announced sooner than one might expect, that is, within the next 6 months.

Nintendo has in fact already started to release devkits to developers, and we could therefore be close to a new announcement from the Japanese house.

“I was told that the devkits are out, I think you are underestimating the fact that Nintendo may announce a new model within next 6 months"Said the leaker" I think I let it get away ".

Moore's Law Is Dead already has it behind him several other confirmed leaks, such as the presence of a VPU in the new Intel Meteor Lake CPU, and this suggests that it may have excellent sources within the companies themselves.

None of this has been confirmed by official sources, so it is impossible to confirm or deny the leak. The console world, however, is advancing to the new generation, and Nintendo could be interested in participating in the transition, so we could expect such an announcement from Nintendo.

Source: YouTube Via: Dexerto
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