New PlayStation 5 coming? Sony prepares the restock

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One of the biggest problems that the natural transition between old gen and nextgen encountered was the lack of consoles to put on the market. Sony, above all, has been a victim of this problem, managing to produce very few units, mainly due to the semiconductor crisis, which, once placed on the market, were not enough to satisfy the demand of users.

Microsoft also had this problem, but to a lesser extent, if only because, numbers in hand, PlayStation 5 is the best-selling console, at least at the moment, of this generation. And Sony has no intention of losing this prestigious title. For this, the Japanese giant would be ready to carry out a huge restock of the PlayStation 5 in the Christmas period this year.

At least, this was written by the Japanese giant himself in the annual report on receipts and sales made public last Friday. At the moment, Sony has sold 18 million PlayStation 5, a number destined to rise also thanks to the ease, compared to the past, with which it will put new consoles on the market.

We just have to wait a few more months and then buying a PS5 will no longer be a business, but it will become, little by little, easier and easier. Word of Sony, is it to be believed? We will see.

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