New Tales From the Borderlands: release date leaked?

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New Tales from the Borderlands just got a release date on October 21st via recently updated Amazon listings.

As noted by Wario64's ever-watchful gaze on Twitter, the pages of all versions of New Tales from the Borderlands - which was also confirmed to be the official title - show the release date and price.

It looks like Amazon has outgrown Gearbox in the announcement, as we haven't seen an official trailer for the sequel yet, despite the CEO Randy Pitchford teased with a summer revelation.

Amazon's listings also revealed that the game will cost $ 50 across all platforms, which is a pretty good deal more than the original game, which costs $ 5 per episode, then $ 25 for all five.

Nowadays, you can pick up the entire season for around $ 20. That might suggest a much meatier following is on the way.

New Tales from the Borderlands was announced in April, with Gearbox which took the development internally rather than outsourcing it to another studio, as it did with 2014's Tales from the Borderlands.

Again, since we don't have a trailer (even the ad was just a teaser image) it's hard to say where Gearbox he will bring the series now that he's given himself complete creative control.

Pitchford confirmed that the sequel will contain "all new characters and all new Borderlands stories," so don't expect a direct continuation of the story from the first game.

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