Ninja Gaiden e Dead or Alive reboot, parla Team Ninja

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In the last few hours, the enthusiasm of the fans of two series in particular has been unleashed Team Ninja: during the G-Star conference which was held in Korea in Busan, Fumihiko Yasuda confirmed that the studio has plans for the return of Ninja Gaiden e Dead or Alive with respective reboots. However, from his words, there are also some words that could cool the spirits a little, given that the plans for these series in the near future are not very clear:

Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden are series that have long been the mainstays of Team Ninja, as well as synonymous with the history and reputation of our studio. Talking about our past and future projects, both of these important titles cannot be left without a mention. However, we have no details or information to share for these franchises at this time.

Like many of our dedicated fans, we share the excitement over the return of these beloved titles, and will be sure to provide you with well-deserved updates IF AND WHEN that day arrives.

In short, it seems that the ideas could be there, but apparently nothing is boiling in the pot yet. The hope we share with the fans and Team Ninja is to see them return very soon.

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