Nintendo Direct: does the eShop confirm the date of the new event in June?

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The rumors about a new Nintendo Direct, presentation expected by fans for several weeks, have become even stronger thanks to a recent development associated with the Nintendo Store.

Since the beginning of June it has been reported and expected that Nintendo was preparing for a new live, to inform players on the titles coming in the second half of 2022, and on the projects in development. According to rumors, the last showcase of the software house would have been foreseen for the end of June. Nintendo itself did not confirm a direct, for which there is no official news about it, but only clues that give fans hope.

A new move related to the company may have anticipated the live stream. Spotted by Nintendo Life, the UK version of the Nintendo Store-related website is expected to come interrupted for maintenance next week, from Monday 27 June to Wednesday 29 June. Nintendo did not explain the details of the renewal of the showcase, and why the site needs maintenance but, clearly, it will concern something "behind the scenes" that will take place next week.

How could this particular be linked to a Nintendo Direct coming in the next few days? In the past, fans and gamers alike have had a chance to see how Nintendo is used to schedule maintenance of multimedia contents in anticipation of a live broadcast. Often, it ends up adding new lists associated with games that potentially have not yet been announced neither presented in a Direct, but linked to the Nintendo Store. Once the aforementioned titles have been officially shown, Nintendo puts online the web pages created for the occasion, associated with them.

While this move looks promising, and new announcements may arrive shortly, it is good to remember that no official news has been published by Nintendo about it. Although the catalog of the software is full of upcoming releases, only the direct source will be able to take away from fans and viewers the doubt about a possible Direct coming.

Recall that last Nintendo Direct highlighted Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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