Nintendo Direct in February? Xenoblade Chronicles 3 looks close

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Nintendo fans are eagerly awaiting the next Direct, and from a recent leak it looks like it will be shown Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

February will be a fairly flat month for fans of the big N, given the major releases such as Dying Light 2, Horizon: Forbidden West and Elden Ring. The first, it also had to come out on the Switch via the cloud, but unfortunately it has been delayed.

Although nothing in particular is planned for fans of the big N, a leak gives hope for a Nintendo Direct scheduled for the end of the month. The information was disseminated via Twitter via the famous leaker Samus Hunter, who specializes in Nintendo.

Samus Hunter states that we will be able to receive a Nintendo Direct lasting about 30-40 minutes, and it will not be in its mini version or one dedicated to other partners, suggesting that we can take a look at some really interesting production.

They now removed the page dedicated to the recruitment of the Xenoblade team (Production01). What does that mean?
In late 2020 I reported that their next game was in a good state with the main chtscene finalised.
In mid 2021 they started the soundtrack recording then followed…

— Samus Hunter | Nintendo Leak and News Inside (@SamusHunter2) February 1, 2022

We began to think about Xenoblade Chronicles 3 given that the site of Monolith Soft, the developer of the game, updated the site with 2022 brands and logos, as if to suggest that they are preparing for something new since everything was not updated since 2017, the year of release of the second chapter.

The news regarding the search for personnel for the Xenoblade team also gave credence to this thesis. Rumors of a possible third chapter have often surfaced over the past two years (find more details in our dedicated news), with the collaboration between Mitsuda and the composer of ACE that has practically revealed that the work on the game has begun.

Unfortunately, in the current state of things, we do not know if there will really be the Nintendo Direct in February in which Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be shown, but hoping in the end costs nothing. Remember to take everything with due manners, given that we are not talking about official news.

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