Nintendo may soon invest in NFT and metaverse

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In recent days, many companies have taken stock of the situation, not only on the past and the last critical years for the sector, but also on the future. Clearly Nintendo it is not exempt from this waltz, and the sums have been drawn during the analysis of the latest financial results. Following these, a series of Q&A to the company, during which a question arose regarding the thorny issue of NFT and the Metaverse.

If you have no idea what it is, we have written a special article where we clarify their identity and what advantages they can offer. Their use has created a lot of discontent among the community, especially that of Ubisoft which is at the forefront of this topic.

But how is Nintendo positioned in this regard? According to the words of the analyst David Gibson, in a decidedly proactive way: he has in fact reported on Twitter the questions and answers of the session, in which the one dedicated to the Nintendo's position on NFTs and the Metaverse.

Question) What do you think about the Metaverse and NFTs?
Answer) We have an interest in this field, we feel there is potential, but we wonder how much good we can bring, and it is difficult to define it in its current state.

In short, Nintendo proves to be open to every possibility, and senses the fully enhanced. However, we usually witness very particular choices of the company, and it is not certain that we can be amazed once again by the Nintendo Difference applied to NFT and Metaverse, perhaps with a few strokes or brilliant idea that goes not only to create something new and unpublished, but that knows how to make everyone agree on the delicate issue.

The fact that the Kyoto House is able to create products suitable for everyone is also testified by the enormous quantity of products and consoles sold over time.

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