Nintendo Switch and more: discovered a very serious bug

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More than ten years after the last release, a new patch arrived a few weeks ago for Mario barth 7 arousing a certain curiosity in all fans of the racing game Nintendo. Today the matter has finally been shed light, the update served to safeguard consoles and games of the Japanese company from a large flaw in the systems.

The flaw, called "ENLBufferPwn“, allowed anyone capable of taking total control of the unfortunate consoles, gaining access to any type of sensitive information and being able to completely manage the audio and video output remotely. It seems that, in order to take advantage of this error, it was enough to connect to the network of some of the most famous multiplayer games from Nintendo.

The flaw was discovered by a collective of three hackers; PabloMK7, Rambo6Glaz e Fishguy6564 who immediately reported to the rising sun company receiving a $1000 reward. Noting the error, Nintendo immediately did its utmost to find a solution while the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) rated it a 9.8/10 on their scale, thus calling it a critical issue. Now the problem seems to be fixed on most popular online titles but, in case anyone still plays on Wii U, he'd better keep an eye out with Mario barth 7 e Splatoon.

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