Nintendo Switch in the Febal Casa tram for Milan design week

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During the week of Milan design week, February House e Nintendo organize an event to entertain visitors while traveling in the central areas of the city, using the Nintendo Switch console. From the 6 to the 21 June in fact, it will be possible to meet and board a very special tram.

The tram will be completely customized and set up as if it were the living room of a modern house, furnished according to the latest trends, primarily that of video games. This means of transport will be completely Febal branded and internally it will be possible to play with Nintendo Switch, the hybrid console from Nintendo.

More specifically, on the days of 7 and 9 June, visitors can enjoy playing the world's most famous things game, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, while Saturday June 11 it will be possible to try Mario Strikers: Battle League Football just one day after its official release.

The video games that can be tried on board the means of locomotion will be the multiplayer experiences par excellence, perfect for those who love sharing fun with friends. Primarily Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the famous racing game in which famous characters from the Super Mario series will compete using iconic objects such as the Superstella.

Certainly not in order of importance we will have the opportunity to try too Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, the highly anticipated chapter of the famous Mario Strikers series, which returns to Nintendo Switch after the beauty of 15 years. In this new adventure, players will be able to rediscover strike, a 5 vs 5 sport similar to football.

Nintendo apparently does not want to remain idle to bask in its successes, such as the amazing sales successes we have already talked about in this article, but it also intends to land in Milan design week with its Nintendo Switch in collaboration with February House. No doubt about it, congratulations Nintendo.

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