Nintendo Switch is record-breaking, it has already torn the Nintendo Wii apart

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Record numbers for the hybrid console of the Kyoto House. Nintendo Switch he grinds record after record, sets the arrow and surpasses the number of cars sold by his ancestor in terms of sales Nintendo Wii.

In fact, data in hand, since its launch almost five years ago, Nintendo Switch has sold (adding all the versions, therefore also the Lite and the OLED) an astronomical number equal to 103.54 million units, thus bypassing the Nintendo Wii which in its complete life cycle has sold for 101.63 million units. It must also be said that the data of the latter console are updated to 2019, and which do not take into account all the users of used Wii consoles that have continued to circulate in the last 3 years, but the fact remains that the total number of Switches sold would hardly be exceeded.

However, this is not the best-selling Nintendo console ever, nor the best-selling console ever: With data updated to May 2014, Nintendo DS still reigns supreme with 154,02 million units sold, but it must be said that it is a console portable only and definitely more accessible in price.

To mark the record that seems unattainable at the moment, although Nintendo Switch can succeed during its life cycle), is l’eterna PlayStation 2, with the Sony jewel that has sold the beauty of around the world 157,70 million of copies with updated data at the end of 2014 (and also in this case, there is no trace of any consoles used in the meantime sold).

The future of Switch therefore looks rosy, and with the release of numerous greedy titles in the coming months and years (such as Splatoon 3, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 or Bayonetta 3 to name just a few), it is unthinkable that sales stop shortly, and therefore expect to see this data rise again, and perhaps make the hybrid console reach the top of the classification.

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