Nintendo Switch OLED: unveiled the special edition dedicated to Splatoon 3

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The Nintendo Switch OLED is back more beautiful than ever thanks to the special edition created for the launch of Splatoon 3, which will be released worldwide on 9 September. This wonderful console, however, will arrive a few days earlier, which is August 26 of this year.

The announcement of this special edition came through a trailer published by Nintendo on YouTube and beyond. In this short video we were able to admire the shell that oozes from every inch of Splatoon 3. In particular, the stunning white dock is studded with squid-shaped graffiti and a giant neon yellow ink spot on the front.

The same reason that we find on the dock we find it on the joycons that Nintendo has decided to color, as usual, differently: the one on the left is purple, while the one on the right is green. Of course, even the back of the console is all branded with squid and ink blots.

The cost of this special edition Nintendo Switch OLED made for the launch of Splatoon 3 is $ 360, $ 30 more than the cost of the regular OLED Switch. In case you were wondering, no, there will not be a copy of the game included in the price, not even in digital format.

As mentioned, in fact, the release of the title is scheduled for 9 September, unless there are sensational changes in date. There is, therefore, a two-week discrepancy between the launch of the special edition of the Switch OLED and the third chapter of Splatoon, one of the most popular Nintendo games.

The surprises for lovers of this franchise did not end there: Nintendo, in fact, has announced the release of a Pro Controller and a carrying case, both dedicated to Splatoon 3. The first will cost $ 75, while the case will have a price of 25. Both the Pro Controller and the latter will be released simultaneously with the launch of the title which, we remind you, is scheduled for September 9th.

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