Nintendo Switch Online: new free games confirmed for April

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In the last few hours, Nintendo has expanded its catalog of classic games even further available with subscription Nintendo Switch Online. In fact, in addition to various services, the subscription allows you to play many classic titles for old consoles, such as for example NES e SNES.

Starting today, in fact, Nintendo Switch Online has added three new games that will appeal to fans of 80s and 90s video games and, in particular, NES and Super Nintendo consoles.

The first title is Earthworm Jim 2, a platformer originally released for SNES in 1995, and developed by Shiny Entertainment. . . . In Earthworm Jim 2, sequel Earthworm Jim, the evil Psy-Crow has kidnapped Princess What's-Her-Name and Jim is tasked with saving her once again.

Another classic added to the catalog is You Dug II: Trouble in Paradise, action video game, sequel to the original You Dug, Published by Namco in 1985 for the NES. In Dig Dug II, the player will have to eliminate enemies by inflating them until they explode or by digging traps to make them fall into.

The third game available to subscribers is Mappy Land, arcade title for NES released 1989 da Namco e Midway, continuation of the original Mappy. In Mappy-Land, players will take on the role of an adorable mouse named Mappy and experience four different stories. The aim of the game is to collect items and avoid enemies along the way.

In the Japanese version of Nintendo Switch Online, subscribers will have the first available Harvest Moon instead of Earthworm Jim 2, while Dig Dug II and Mappy-Land will be the other two playable titles.

So, April is expected to be full of Nintendo classics for subscribers to the Nintendo Switch Online service. We remind you that a few weeks ago three other interesting games were announced for the Add-on Package. Furthermore, a recent leak would have confirmed the presence of a project for Nintendo Switch 2.

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