Nintendo Switch Online, new games arrive for NES and SNES

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Subscribers to the Nintendo Switch Online service will be able to play two titles for the SNES and NES right away. It is Pinball for NES, a nice simulation game starring none other than Super Mario, the most famous plumber in the videogame universe; and of Congo’s Caper e Rival Turf! for SNES.

The first is a side scrolling platformer released in 1992 in Japan, while the second is a beat'em up, a sort of Yakuza 0, so to speak, also released for the NES in 1992. In short, two titles that have made the history of one of the most popular consoles ever.

Lately, Nintendo is investing heavily in its Nintendo Switch Online service, increasing from time to time the number of titles for SNES and NES, included in the cost of the basic subscription. And the results are showing. The arrival of titles like Mother and Earthbound have made fans of the Nintendo universe very happy.

Furthermore, thanks to the introduction, last year, of the Add-on Package, you can also play a full-bodied list of games for Nintendo 64, GameCube and various SEGA consoles, as well as being able to play the Animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC for free (here find our review) and the latest Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC.

In short, it is a range of titles that, if you subscribe to the Additional Package service, would be really very large and would allow you to recover several masterpieces of the past at a particularly low cost. And Nintendo's intentions to aim harder than ever are pretty obvious.

And who knows that in the future the Virtual Consoles of the portable machines that have made the history of the Japanese company, such as GameBoy and its subsequent versions, Nintendo DS and 3DS, may not arrive. At this point, the new PlayStation Now and, above all, the Xbox Game Pass would tremble in the face of the excessive power (especially nostalgic) of the Kyoto giant's service.

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