Nintendo Switch Pro announced in September? Here comes a new clue

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As recently emerged, during the month of September 2022 we may be dealing with the announcement of Nintendo Switch Pro (not so called, but referred to as the "new Nintendo Switch"), a console that has been chatted about for many months, but which in the end has never been made official by Nintendo, which could however have an announcement in building site.

As explained on the pages of ResetEra, the leak comes from the same user who recently anticipated the existence of one Nintendo Switch version dedicated to Splatoon 3, which was actually announced yesterday as a bolt from the blue, which consequently provides authority to the source in question.

Obviously, the fact remains that we do not know if in the end the Japanese company will really find itself unveiling its console to the world, as well as what its specifications will be, although there has been a way to speak completely in depth in different circumstances, and consequently we already know everything we can expect in this regard.

In any case, it had emerged that Nintendo could have completely glossed over its idea of ​​a Nintendo Switch Pro, aiming directly at the next generation of ad-free consoles in September, with an ecosystem that consequently completely different from what has been seen up to now. with the hybrid. We had the opportunity to learn more in the article which you can access through this link.

In any case, we do not know how the situation will have the opportunity to evolve, considering that in fact the giant could be able to deny everything by not presenting any type of announcement even more than 5 years after its hybrid jewel reached the market. What we do know is that something could be boiling in the pot, given the particularly insistent rumors in this regard, and therefore we are waiting for news of all kinds from Nintendo for the console world.

Source: ResetEra
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