Nintendo Switch Sports: new trailer shows the gameplay of sports

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The Big N has published a new trailer to show the gameplay of Nintendo Switch Sports, the upcoming title that marks the first iteration of the franchise on the Nintendo Switch.

In the trailer published, you can see what awaits you from the point of view of gameplay on Nintendo Switch Sports, in fact, there is a bit of in-depth analysis of the mechanics that will be used in the game, as well as a very first look at online multiplayer.

The Wii Sports sequel has more sports to experience, in fact, it will be possible to have fun with volleyball, badminton, football, chambara and tennis. And we can see all of these sports in action within the trailer, but also how the Mii can be controlled.

For sports like badminton or tennis, it will be like old times, so you have to shake the Joy-Con to hit the ball. Also, there will be more shots at your disposal besides the forehand and backhand. So it will be very fun and unpredictable, just like in the real sport counterpart. As for other sports, the basic concept is the same, but the direction in which you move the Joy-Con will play a fundamental role. While for football there will be a band to put on the leg, so you can simulate shots.

The last item available in the new Nintendo Switch Sports trailer is about the online features of the game. As shown, players will be able to compete against each other both locally and online. it will also be possible to climb the ranks (ranging from E to A) in Pro League mode, but in this case it will be of a real matchmaking against other players in the world.

Please note that Nintendo Switch Sports will be released on April 29, 2022, so it's less than a month to arrive on digital and physical shelves. Obviously, it will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive title.

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