One Piece: announced the official card game, trailer and details

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The monumental work of the master mangaka Eiichiro oda, which this year celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary from the date of publication of the first volume, is enriched with an official card game!

The game is expected for end of july in japan, while for the translation at least into English we should wait until the end of the year, realistically around November 2022.

The game is developed in collaboration with Toei Animation, from here it is expected that graphically design and scenes taken directly from the mammoth amount of videos taken from the anime of the manga series will be used.

Four "starter decks" will be released simultaneously:

  • Straw Hat Crew - the deck of the crew of Luffy and his companions
  • Worst Generation - the deck of the crew of Kidd, known pirate with magnetic powers
  • The Seven Worlds of the Sea - on the cover heads Crocodile, one of the symbolic enemies of the One Piece saga, we expect a themed deck with all his brigade and beyond.
  • Animal Kingdom Pirates - on the cover we find Kaido, King of the beasts, the most dangerous enemy faced by Luffy so far.

The game will allow the acquisition of cards with classics packages, each containing 12 cards, Entitled Romance Dawn to symbolize the beginning of this adventure. There will also be a special fifth deck called One Piece Film RED which will feature exclusive cards featuring characters from the series' films and will be released in the winter.

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