Outriders: Worldslayer - Review, is it really more of the same?

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We got to tell you about Outriders in our review over a year ago, 12 months and more that saw tepid support - to say the least - from People Can Fly, which for a long time has left its work at the mercy of itself, making it lose points in the rankings and also letting the most passionate players get annoyed with what has been played, moving on to other titles. Outriders: Worldslayer, expansion that we want to deepen in this dedicated review, we will answer the fateful question that fans immediately asked themselves: it is about un more of the same?

Un more of the same?

It is useless to go around it, the answer to the question that for weeks has spread like wildfire around the community, is unfortunately a dry yes. The developer, with Outriders: Worldslayer has done nothing but carry out the proverbial "homework". A well-developed homework however, with a series of solid novelties e interesting designed to drive crazy those who have appreciated the contents of the game in question up to now, although it must be said that it would certainly have been legitimate to expect better from the authors, also seen the price not exactly budget expansion, and yours limited content.

Luckily, it wasn't just an endgame improvement, and in fact the authors started from the Outriders ending to develop a new plot connected, not necessary but not superfluous, which sees the character of Ereshkigal become a new big danger after what has been seen with the Anomaly, albeit the same is unfortunately not deepened much, while in the turn of a handful of hours the new missions run out. The scenarios remain spectacular and the variety is not lacking, also given the inclusion of new enemies, but those who have spent tens of hours in the last endgame will find themselves once again bored in various situations, given the need to repeat some sequences seen here and there.

Although it is not about who knows how compelling content, there is little to do, the gameplay of Outriders remains winning and appreciable, with the developer who has put his hand to the Gears saga - which remains a leader in this field - and manages to propose sequences and fun, gradually diversifying his winning loot and shoot system, with even new ones skill trees (awkwardly hidden) and items designed to provide additional variety to builds.

You never get the feeling that you are playing a new title, but those who have enjoyed the main campaign should certainly not remain without these innovations, also given the possibility of further raising the level of their world. For all those who, by dint of expeditions, had begun to consider everything much too repetitive, moving away from the experience and hoping that a breath of fresh air could arrive, we must unfortunately confirm that the same has come. only in part, and that in fact it is a DLC in every sense, and not a revolution for the third person shooter.

Much more to prove

Another answer that this DLC was sure to provide is to deal with a new endgame to have fun with, designed to make the contents more and more compelling and evolved for those who appreciate the experience and do not want to limit themselves to the campaign. In this case, the authors have created roguelike-style maps with well-diversified tasks and objectives, designed to provide emotions that deviate from what has been seen until now with the shipments and pod recovery. It must be said that the result in this sense has been obtained correctly, and that despite the pad (or mouse and keyboard) in the hand, most of the feeling remains the same, good or bad, the result obtained has managed to hit us positively, and we hope that further updates will improve this aspect.

There is also no lack of hints related to history, and the missions in fact manage from time to time to further deepen the narrative sector. All this happens when you have finally got to come up with a build with your character, who has maximized his skill trees: there really are all colors, and there is no lack of continuous dangers capable of silencing the players at the first distraction, given the gradual power of the enemies.

We can therefore confirm that the actual as seen in the new DLC is certainly indispensable in many ways, and those who have not yet finished having fun with Outriders will certainly have bread for their teeth, with the new contents that - however short in the narrative front - have the opportunity to entertain for tens of hours when dealing with the real new evolution of expeditions. This is obviously ready to provide equipment designed to improve the characters, with new scenarios as always graphically satisfying and hordes of enemies that obviously cannot be missing.

  • Outriders: Worldslayer (Tested on PC) 7 Final Vote

    Outriders: Worldslayer is certainly classifiable as more of the same, but considering that new content is certainly good for the title that needed a breath of fresh air (arrived only in part), there is certainly not to complain about how much presented so far, although it must be considered that after more than a year of waiting it was legitimate to expect much better, also considering the price not exactly contained.

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