Overdose, a video gameplay leak of Kojima's title leaks on the net

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In the last few hours, on the famous Resetera forum, a leak quite important, namely the gameplay of one of the new games of Hideo Kojima currently in development. Although there isn't nothing official, neither the name, nor anything else, the project was apparently called "Overdose“, and now it seems more real than expected.

According to the video and the source that you can find below, seems that the phantom Project Overdose is a horror mobile game: precisely, the video I see a smartphone filming another smartphone filming a Youtube video played on a laptop (it sounds like a joke, but it's true).

La strange thing is that what had been known and assumed until now of the game it was about an Xbox and PC exclusive, and therefore either the information is conflicting, or it will be possible to play the title in the cloud from mobile. Despite this, it seems that in the structure of the interactions there are elements related to the mobile interface.

The entire video sees a girl wandering in narrow and dark corridors with a simple flashlight to light the way, exactly reproducing the stylistic features of the old fashioned horror games.

What's true about all of this? We'll find out when and if there will be an official announcement; so far Project Overdose is nothing more than a rumor.

Source: Resetera
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