Overwatch 2 - Preview, the Heroes return in Beta

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It has been talked about for years Overwatch 2, game announced by Blizzard and immediately disappeared from the radar, between an alleged development hell and a real storm of controversy that involved the software house merged with Activision. Certainly the idea behind the title, that is to create a halfway sequel, it was certainly not an easy path to take. The work was in fact designed as connected to the first chapter in a double thread, due to the presence of a complete cross-play and support for both now confirmed for some time. While we are waiting to find out more details on how the story will present itself, we have discovered, however, that 2022 is precisely the year in which the title could finally be released, and the authors have managed over the months to package a first. Overwatch 2 beta that we got to try out in preview, ready to show the first changes to be expected for this revolution.

The Heroes are back, but not like before

What emerges immediately when launching into the experience, at least on PC, is that this Beta certainly does not want to hide the great graphic work done by the authors. The years have passed, both for us and in the world of Overwatch, and the Heroes in the game have all evolved, in one way or another. The title now presents a graphics sector of all respect for the current times, with new features and improvements in every corner, from lights to graphics, with also the new technical requirements required and a more advanced optimization without a shadow of a doubt, in able to make players with high demands happy as regards the graphics sector.

We are not just talking about improved designs, but about real new models here and there, new maps with an unexpected look and a modernized user interface, just like the design of some characters. It must be said that not all the changes in the game, even for the graphics, have been included immediately in the Beta preview, and we will therefore see the protagonists of the shooter still evolve in the final version of Overwatch 2. However, the fact remains that the work done in this sense is certainly to be appreciated, since it is also the most impactful for the experience.

For the rest, the game provides, for better or worse, the same sensations as the first chapter, presenting itself more as a big update - at times revolutionary - than as a real direct follow-up. Not necessarily a bad thing, also given that big steps forward have been made in many areas, including the sound sector, more realistic, faithful and useful during their gaming sessions. There is also a new ping system for communication, especially useful for playing when you are not chatting with your team and decide to meet users from all over the world.

All of these improvements certainly have a way of modernizing an experience that could be stale at times, especially for those who have played 2016 GOTY since its release year, but the real base on which Overwatch 2 is founded has shown itself since this Beta that we have tried in preview: a general rebalancing. Teams of 5 and non-6 players, rework and balances for all the characters apt a remove all mechanics deemed irritating during games (Bastion's secondary set-up or Mei's freeze, for example), with new stats designed to help players focus on their role.

In fact, thanks also to passive abilities inserted for attackers, tanks and healers, playing as in the past by not respecting the attitudes of one's character has become much more difficult, and therefore it follows that communicating with the team and joining it to act remains fundamental. The many changes made allow players to realize for themselves how their own Eroi, however well played, they are nonetheless much less powerful than in the past if not accompanied by a team capable of supporting them, a factor that rewards team play much more than before. Characters less "protagonists" and more "assistants" of each other do nothing but confirm that the balance that the developer has worked on for years is correct, and for sure over the next few months it will become more and more pleasant to collaborate with others and choose the right teams to ensure victory.

Soujourn joins the roster

A big change to the Heroes of Overwatch 2, present since this Beta on which we have a preview, is Sojourn. The inclusion of a character can certainly easily unbalance a meta, but luckily Blizzard has created a somewhat interesting attacking hero, although hopefully he was not the only one to be thought of for the debut of the experience announced by Blizzard by now. almost 3 years ago, which also led to the almost abandonment of support for the first chapter.


As for the Heroin, we find quite marked similarities with Soldier 76, which finally guarantee a valid alternative to a character present from day one. In fact, there is a rather similar rapid-fire hitscan, albeit obviously with a different ballistics, and a secondary shot in this case more difficult to unleash but able to inflict great damage once loaded, as well as used more often than Morrison's. In this case, running becomes a slide, more useful for chases and escapes, or to reposition yourself with a big jump, but less effective for returning to the field after death than running. Even the Ultra is certainly reminiscent of that of Soldier 76, even if in this case the same is based more on the skills of the player.

Blizzard has created an interesting character that despite some similarities it does not configure itself as a clone, and that indeed has had the opportunity to conquer us in the games made in preview on the Overwatch 2 Beta, presenting itself in many situations as decidedly more useful than valid alternatives, although obviously its true potential will be seen only when players will be able to take the hand with Soujourn after several weeks.

Good intentions

In this Overwatch 2 beta we got to try out a game undoubtedly similar to the first chapter, but which, due to the many revolutions made, has certainly founded the correct foundations for a support ready to last several years, especially with the possible help of Microsoft following the acquisition of the company. The hope remains in the fact that this time the authors will take care of their work without neglecting it, and that the contents of the day one justify the presence of a new chapter compared to a classic big patch of improvements. It must be said that we have had the opportunity to put our hands on only a small portion of the contents, and in fact we will return to talk about the matter with our complete judgment only when we will have the opportunity to put our hand on the completed experience. Certainly the basics are excellent, and all that remains is to wait for new reveal and announcements from Blizzard, waiting to find out what will be the true future of the Heroes protagonists of this adventure, still ready to have its say about 6 years after the original debut.

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