Overwatch 2: revealed Kiriko, a ninja support

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Overwatch 2 is still under development but the second playable beta of the title was released in July. As we get closer to the official release of the game new playable characters are released, expanding more and more the already rather large roster of the shooter of Blizzard. The latest arrival presented at Tokyo Game Show 2022 è It's there, a ninja related to Genji e Hanzo with the role of support.

Just like the two clan members Shimada, Kiriko also has several links with Japanese culture; she is in fact dressed in a kimono tied at the waist by a belt and wearing a fox-shaped hat. The fox seems to be an important detail in the characterization of the character who seems to be able to evoke one Kitsune, a fox-shaped spirit typical of Japanese folklore.
From the speech made by Kiriko in her presentation trailer, we understand that her family has been defending the city of the game for years and that she, referring to herself as the "new generation", wants a detachment. The new support seems to be a very interesting character and we just have to wait for her to arrive in the game to be able to throw some kunai as a very agile ninja fox.

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