Overwatch 2: revealed the start date of the beta with Junker Queen

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The first beta test of Overwatch 2 it's over, but players who have lost the chance to test the new game before it hits shelves will soon have a second one.

Il second beta test of Overwatch 2 is, in fact, upon us. It will start on June 28th and will include Junker Queen, brand new character introduced in the title. Players will also be able to test a new map. Furthermore the servers will be open not only for the PC owners, but also for all those who decide to rely on one consul to play, in order to make it possible for the entire catchment area to test the second beta test.

Blizzard announced this big news on the official Overwatch Twitter account, revealing the beta test start date, le new features that players will be able to try and the day to mark on the calendar to register for the test: June 16 2022. Even more exciting revelations could be on the horizon and arrive in the next few days.

#Overwatch2 Beta begins June 28

? PC & Console
? Junker Queen & a New Map
✋ Sign-Ups & more details coming June 16 pic.twitter.com/XPJOhfeVjE

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) June 14, 2022

While no details have yet been revealed about the maps that can be played, Blizzard recently shed some light on Junker Queen, on the occasion of theXbox-Bethesda Games Showcase. The 34th Overwatch character to enter the fray will be equipped with a sturdy shotgun and large two-handed ax for melee attacks, and will be a tank hero.

The announcement of the second beta test of Overwatch 2, as well as of the game itself that will be released in the fall, precisely the October 4, 2022, comes at a tumultuous time for development study. Over the past year, both Blizzard and parent company Activision have had to contend with several allegations of harassment sexual and discrimination. Additionally, the company is currently in the process of being purchased by Microsoft. Recall that Overwatch 2 will be a multiplayer free-to-play which will include at least 2 new characters: Sojourn e Junker Queen. The game's paid campaign will arrive at a later date.

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