Overwatch 2 will only introduce 3 new heroes, the fault of one mode

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A week ago we found out that Overwatch 2, new title from Activision Blizzard, will include at launch only 3 new heroes. The thing in a certain sense surprised, given that in the long gestation of this second chapter it would have been reasonable to expect the creation of at least a couple of more characters. But what are the motivations what they will see Overwatch 2 temporarily leave with only 3 new heroes?

Today comes the statements of the director of the game, Aaron Keller, which by replying to a user on Reddit stated that this limited number of additional characters for now is due to the very entity of the game: Overwatch 2, he wanted to reiterate, is not a simple update of the first chapter, and then moved on to a long explanation. In this case, he made it clear that the development of Overwatch two was divided into two parts, one dedicated to PVP and one to PVE.


Given the amount of content that the latter wants to offer, consequently the physical and creative workforce required has significantly increased, and this means that some of the content dedicated to PVP has been pushed back into the schedule. In fact, it seems that the PVE campaign of Overwatch 2 either at the levels of a AAA, and which will therefore keep players busy for some time, and in different ways.

This explanation also answers another question not asked: the scarcity of new content within the Open Beta. Many players have in fact suffered from the few innovations and the extreme similarity of the game with the first Overwatch, but if the PVP was actually left behind in the works as stated, everything becomes much more plausible (the team had been pointed out on social networks also as "lazy").

Finally, he reiterated that Overwatch 2 is a long-term project, and that it will be supported, which goes hand in hand with the recent growth and restructuring of the development team. Overwatch 2 will arrive officially on our platforms on October 4, 2022.

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