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After changing the costume of Zarya because of war in Ukraine (we told you about it here), the series of Overwatch he applied another change, but this time in a different way and for different reasons. On Overwatch 2, in fact, another reference to a developer of the title has been removed.

Following the infamous lawsuit against Activision Blizzard for sexual harassment and for promoting a "pervasive brotherhood culture" in the workplace, the US company confirmed that he would no longer have references to developers in their games.

After changing the name of Cole Cassidy In Overwatch, following user complaints, the developers have also made new changes to the highly anticipated sequel, that is Overwatch 2. Recently, in fact, Activision Blizzard deleted a reference to theformer Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan, but now it seems that another quote has also been deleted.

According to a fan of the series on Reddit, during the beta he would have noticed that the famous café name called Tim Fordsons featured in Overwatch 2 has been changed to Tom Beansons. The old name was inspired by both the iconic Canadian chain of coffee shops called Tim Hortons Inc., and to the Assistant Technical Director of both titles, that is Tymothy Ford. As has happened in the past, the US company has eliminated another reference to its members of the development team.

Blizzard have removed "Tim Fordsons" references and replaced the brand with "Tom Beansons" from Overwatch

Thus, Activision Blizzard seems to have taken the consequences of the lawsuit seriously and is removing any intended reference to its developers, even at the cost of modifying iconic objects and locations from their own series.

In any case, you need to remember that at the moment there is still no official status regarding this change and, therefore, we invite you to take this information with a grain of salt. Waiting for an official announcement from Activision Blizzard, we refer you to the review of Overwatch and its version for Nintendo Switch.

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