Persona 3 and 4 Remastered will have new interesting features

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Il January 19 2023 they will come up Xbox Serie X/S the remastered versions of Persona 3 Portable e 4 Golden Person. Just over a month away from the official release Atlas tells us some of the improvements that will be present in these new versions of the games. Right from the start the clearly improved graphics stand out which, together with the greater fluidity in the movements, will certainly guarantee a different gaming experience from the original.

Another relevant addition is the choice of game difficulty, initially absent, now it boasts five different possibilities: beginner, easy, normal, difficult and risky. Another detail that will surely improve the gaming experience is the quick save, in the original games it was possible to save only at predefined checkpoints while now this worry disappears.
Exclusive to Persona 4 Golden is the new mode Album which will allow you to relive some cutscenes of the game and, when possible, modify them with narrative choices different from those previously made. There is still no news on what the price of the two titles will be in the West but in Japan will 1980 yen (about 15 euros). The last important novelty is finally the presence of a Spanish adaptation of the games. Very close to the arrival of the two titles on next gen, surely this will be a great opportunity for many to get closer to the historic saga of JRPG.

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