Persona and other Atlus productions will become films and TV series

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In recent years it is not uncommon to be faced with adaptations of various kinds on mediums other than the one where the product was born, and more and more often we are faced with film adaptations, which are movie or tv series, of our beloved video games. The latest company that is approaching the world of "live actionIn chronological order it is SEGA, which apparently is moving to adapt some of the titles of Atlus most iconic, including the series of Person.

The news was given directly by SEGA to the microphones of IGN, which exclusively revealed that theexpansion of storytelling in new forms is a new - and very important - part of the business of the company. Over the years Atlus has never disappointed us, getting used to small and large masterpieces of various genres, and it is almost obvious that it is precisely from these series that SEGA wants to draw on for potential live-action films and series: Person, but also Shin Megami Tensei e Catherine.

The lead producer of the Sonic the Hedgehog films, Toru Nakahara, defined the work of the developers as follows:

The worlds of Atlus are full of storytelling, drama, borderline style and compelling characters. Stories like that, like that of the Persona franchise, have had a great resonance with our fans, and we see an opportunity to expand the lore in a way that no one has ever seen - or played - before.

Together, SEGA and Atlus are working to bring these stories under the eyes of the world through new mediums and new audiences.

In any case, the company has not yet clarified or announced which companies it will collaborate with for the production of such content, so we will have to wait for more details. But one thing is certain, we will see some good ones.

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