PGA Tour 2K23 - Review, does 2K come back and do Hole in One?

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PGA Tour 2K23 is the new game dedicated to the world of golf made by 2K. After a year off, it is finally possible to return to the green for groped to become the new King of Golf. The sports title offers a series of innovations that could please those who want something fresh and new, but the most important mode is e will always remain MyCareer. Without further ado, let's delve into every aspect of the PGA Tour 2K23 with this review.

Swing of all kinds

PGA Tour 2K23 will give you the time to understand each swing mechanic. Once started you will be asked how you want to play and you will have three options: right, left and 3-click stick. Once you have selected the command input method, a long tutorial will start where you will be introduced to all the mechanics of golf. One piece of advice we can give you is to take your time, because they will be all fundamentals to be able to become excellent golfers. As in all sports, training is the most important part.

But the customization of the 2K experience does not end there, because once the long tutorial is finished you will have to choose the difficulty level which you want to play between beginner, amateur and pro. Of course you can change this setting from the appropriate menu at any time. There is only one "but" to consider: during the matchmaking the "Pro" level, so there will be no help, but the first two difficulty levels are great for starting to get carried away, especially if it is the first time you approach the series.

Once you have made your choice, the career in PGA Tour 2K23. If that's not what you want, you can always go back to the main menu to enjoy it new mode implemented for this new chapter of PGA Tour: topgolf. What is that? It is an in game mode multiplayer (local or online) where you can challenge your friends in real existing environments. You will have 10 balls at your disposal and you will have to hit targets to score more points than your opponents. Obviously it is much more fun when played with friends next to it, because given the simplicity it is quite repetitive, and in the long run it could become boring.

As for the naked and raw gameplay, the developers have not implemented many differences compared to the previous chapter - which we remember being 2K21 - and the only real news are found in Topgolf and in presence of golfers of the caliber of Lexi Thompson.

The flagship of PGA Tour 2K23 is definitely the MyCareer mode, which will allow you a certain level of customization, so you can have the experience you want without too much stress. Especially if you are at the beginning of the your golf career on a PGA Tour. At the beginning you can choose the level of "skill" of the opponents, if you want to start from the school level or if you prefer to throw yourself directly into the PGA (which we do not recommend, because it could become frustrating if you haven't absorbed everything there is to know about sport).

The feeling that you have pad in your hand during the various rounds in PGA Tour 2K23, especially with the swing on the sticks, is really good: you really feel like you are making strokes, which is really good. The discordant note is that there were no "flavor" implementations, like the vibration on hit, which would have made the action even more realistic, especially if we take into account the new generation controllers.

If one day you will be tired of the various fields proposed by PGA Tour 2K23, know that you can create your own thanks to Designer mode. Also this is not an implementation for the new chapter, but it's really good that there is, because it makes the game breathe and increases its longevity.

Simple and effective

PGA Tour 2K23 is very neat to look at, but it's not the best of it graphics or realism. Despite this, it is impossible to say that the graphics sector is not appreciable. Of course, being the first title in the franchise to arrive on next-gen consoles, maybe it would have been possible to do better, but in the end the models are well made, as are the animations, and the field gives a beautiful impression at a glance. When the ball is thrown into the air the physics does its duty and is very realistic, which will surely please sports fans. The sounds are well recorded and there is little music, which accompanies the player only in the menus. Excellent: one of the prerogatives of golf is silence. During our test we found no bugs or problems, another note of merit combined with the indispensable localization in Spanish.

We can say that PGA Tour 2K23 is a game that focuses on making golf "simple". This is because not many know everything there is to know, for this reason the developers have made sure that the experience is so much customizable as to make the title very good for those who want to approach the sport. without feeling obliged to know everything before buying. Once you feel ready, the difficulty is increased, which is really good for sports games. So if you are fascinated by golf, you can start your adventure with this new game.

  • PGA Tour 2K23 (Tested on XBX / S) 7.8 Final grade

    The developers of PGA Tour 2K23 seem to have been very concerned about how to make golf accessible to everyone. And we can say that they have succeeded in the enterprise. Of course, on a graphic level it was possible to request a lot more, but the physics of the ball and the animations are so realistic and pleasing to the eye that the overall result is “more than good”.

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