PlayStation 5 Digital: Sony will have to replace all consoles in Russia?

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They are coming closer hard times for Sony, that may have to replace the PlayStation 5 Digital Editions in Russia with their more expensive version.

This is due to the decision taken by the giant of the videogame world of close the PS Store to the Russians following the war that is taking place in Ukraine. With the store not accessible, the digital version of the console has almost become unusable for the players who bought it, effectively turning it into a brick with no purpose.

A Russian judge ruled that Sony will have to replace all gaming platforms no longer usable with new PlayStation 5 with Blue-Ray units, the more expensive version, which players could use even without accessing the PS Store. The PlayStation 5 sales in Russia they officially stopped last March, a few weeks after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as a strong sign of protest. It was one of the most significant moves in the gaming sector, especially due to the fact that the Sony console had supremacy, in the Russian country, over all other gaming platforms.

A regional judge in Russia is trying to make Sony send new (more expensive) PS5s with Bluray drives to Russians who bought the digital edition. This is because Russians can't access the PS Store anymore due to sanctions, thus the no-disc version the PS5 is basically a brick now.

— Aric Toler (@AricToler) June 17, 2022

The company quickly suspended all software and hardware shipments to Russia and, later, the block of the digital store arrived. Other significant actions taken in March 2022 against the invasion of Ukraine were those of Facebook and YouTube, but also prominent figures such as Elon Musk (who recently acquired Twitter) have publicly taken action against the war. Even the very downloaded Pokémon GO application has decided to suspend the service in Russia and Belarus, leaving the Trainers who enjoyed looking for Pokémon using augmented reality dry-mouthed.

Even before the official suspension by Sony, on March 4, 2022 Gran Turismo 7 had unexpectedly skipped the release in Russia, a precursor of the severe "punishments" implemented in protest in the following weeks from all over the world.

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