PlayStation and Xbox: more powerful models on the way? Clues from AMD

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AMD, posting a job advertisement, revealed that he is looking for a next-generation chip verification engineer, and this has sparked some rumors about it more powerful models coming to PlayStation or Xbox.

The job posting made its appearance on LinkedIn, and it reports when noted below:

The team that worked on the Xbox and PlayStation chips, as well as the latest RDNA graphics chip, are searching for their headquarters in Markham, Canada, for a next-generation chip development project.

We are currently seeking a System-on-Chip Verification Engineer who will be part of a team working on a complex, next-gen SoC project. The successful candidate will play a key role by carrying out checks on functional, power, and performance aspects, in a context of hardware and software simulation.

It could be assumed that this job announcement from AMD could relate to new models of Sony and Microsoft consoles, although there is currently nothing confirmed, and it is likely that we will remain shrouded in mystery for a long time to come.

For some months now there have been rumors, always unconfirmed, according to which Sony is working on a new hardware version of the PlayStation 5, the long-awaited Pro version. hardware update of the console in question.

There are also other rumors, always unconfirmed, who say that the new console revision, the PlayStation 5 Pro, should represent a significant step forward in terms of performance, and could see the light by 2024.

Although they are only rumors, considering the precedents at Microsoft and Sony, the arrival of "Slim" or "Pro" versions cannot be excluded of their flagship consoles. We just have to wait for their possible confirmation or denial, regarding the existence of new hardware revisions.

A certain and confirmed rumor, however, is that AMD is working on the FidelityFX Super Resolution technology is coming this year, and that it will see its appearance first on PC and later on consoles. If you want to know more about it, you just have to click on our article.

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